What You Need to Know About Electrical Inspection and Consultation

Every house or workplace is at risk from electrical hazards. Every building is at risk from the dangers of electrical energy. This is why electrical inspections are essential. The need for regular inspections has been growing steadily as electricians become more knowledgeable about the needs of their clients. More people are now calling on licensed electrical contractors and certified inspectors to perform and make necessary repairs.Electrical Inspection and Consultation

Electrical inspections and services are now being performed by licensed electrical inspectors and certified contractors more than ever. Of course, there is a growing trend of consumers calling on non-certified or home improvement service providers. However, most states require home inspection services by licensed professionals. Of course, not everyone who works with wiring and circuits is licensed or certified. Therefore, you should consider the following questions before hiring anyone to inspect your home or building. 

How many years have been conducting electrical inspections? How many projects have been completed under their care? What type of training have licensed electrical inspectors and electrical contractors received? Have any complaints been filed with state or federal agencies concerning unsatisfactory electrical installations?

Do your homework. Look for a company that is licensed in your state. Most state governments require electrical installations and repairs to be performed by licensed professionals. Check the National Electrical Contractors Association’s website to see if the organization has any members in your area. It also might be a good idea to contact the NICEA and ask them for information on licensing.

If you already have a medical or dental business, check with your local licensing board to find out what kinds of electrical inspections they do. Most states require electrical inspections to be performed on premises where work is being done. If you don’t own a business but do offer electrical consulting services, find out from your clients whether they’d be interested in you providing electrical inspections for them. If you do provide this service, it’s a good idea to know what kinds of electrical inspections your potential clients may need.

The electrical installation industry employs electricians, plumbers and other workers who are required to undergo thorough background checks. These electrical inspectors should have a thorough understanding of electrical ratings, which are legal requirements for most new construction and electrical installations. It’s not uncommon for electricians, plumbers and other workers to undergo criminal record investigations. In some cases, electrical inspections could be the only way to identify dishonest work. Make sure your potential client includes this important topic when discussing electrical installations and work.

As an alternative to having your electrician perform an inspection and then bill you, call us. We will perform an initial inspection and then bill you based upon our findings. It’s easy to see how having our electrician perform the entire electrical project from start to finish saves time and money. If you choose to hire our company, we’ll even pay for it. In some cases you’ll have the electrician perform the inspection and then bill you based upon the inspection and not the completion of your project.

Many contractors don’t trust their own ability to oversee electrical work. After all, if there’s a mistake made during the design phase, how do you feel about the subsequent operation? You can feel confident that with our electrician’s oversight, you’ll have a professionally designed system that meets current and future needs. The best way to get started is by contacting us.

The importance of making sure that the installations are in compliance with current health and safety standards is paramount to the safe installation of any electrical system. As a result, many companies have moved away from general inspections and moved towards specialty electrical maintenance and installations. It’s important to understand what some of these inspections are and why they’re needed. Most importantly, when choosing a company to handle these inspections, you need to trust the professionals that will be working on your premises. Call us to learn more.

We’re also here to help you ensure that your electrical work is completed safely. We carefully evaluate every aspect of your project. In addition to visual inspections, we’ll conduct thorough audio visual inspections as well. From start to finish, we ensure that your installation meets the required standards of safety and performance. If you’re considering a new electrical installation or repair, consider having our electricians assist you. Whether your electrical work is large or small, we can help.

An important thing to remember when choosing an electrician for your project is that all electricians are not created equally. A quality electrician will be accredited by either the ASME, NAEM, or NDTSA. This means that your electrician will have completed an accredited apprenticeship and has the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully complete your electrical work. With this level of skill and education, a qualified electrician will have the skills to diagnose your electrical systems and make the right recommendations for repair. If you choose a company that doesn’t have this level of accreditation, it’s likely that your electrician won’t have the knowledge to complete your electrical repairs or installation.